On behalf of Greater New Hope Ministries, Church of Christ Written In Heaven (COCWIH), welcome to our church website!  I pray that as you learn more about this ministry, you will begin to visit our services and allow God to order your steps to experience an extraordinary worship, praise and choir ministry and most importantly an on-time   powerful life-changing and anointed word of God.  Experience the power and anointing of God through the forgiveness of sin and salvation, healings and miracles and complete deliverance in every area of your life through Jesus Christ.  After visiting the ministry if you feel led to continue your spiritual walk and growth under my leadership in this ministry, we welcome you.  If not, we welcome you to visit with us whenever possible, but it is important that you find a church that meets your needs.

All members at Greater New Hope are received in love regardless of his / her past or present economical and spiritual state.  This is the church with vision, where there is hope for everyone through Christ.

Again, welcome to Greater New Hope (COCWIH) where our mission is to reach the unsaved and loss; those who are hurt and rejected; those who suffer with chemical dependency and past church hurts at any cost.  Remember, God is Love and Praise is what we do!

In Christ Service,
Bishop Marshall L. Graham